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Coffee 4 Change (C4C) is a charitable tech initiative with a vision of reimagining traditional loyalty systems used by cafes in Australia, with social responsibility at the forefront.

The majority of local cafes use hole punch loyalty cards due to the costs and technical hurdles involved in implementing most digital loyalty systems. Coffee 4 Change provides an intuitive low-cost loyalty platform to cafes, with a small percentage of each transaction contributing to the goals of its parent charity, Project 4 Change. The app also promotes ethical supply chain management of coffee, from grower to barista, while giving users a choice to make donations to affiliated charities they value with each purchase.



In keeping with the parent brand identity, Coffee 4 Change was designed with its own meaningful components. The logo is grounded in community involvement and collaboration, which is historically centred around a campfire. The modern version of this concept is the cafe, with coffee bringing people & ideas together for a common good. The icon was designed to incorporate these 3 core elements.


Determining how the parent identity’s colours can be applied to the C4C brand presented an opportunity to further explore the cafe/coffee experience. I drew inspiration from research conducted by the World Coffee Research organisation, whose mission is supported by C4C. The colours were specifically paired with aromas and flavours of coffee, based on research supported by the WCR organisation’s sensory lexicon.


Building a

The pillars of the C4C brand strategy are centred around generating interest amongst stakeholders and building a community of like-minded individuals in support of the venture. By uniting this strategy with the brand visuals, we were able to attract interest from associations and investors into the app.


Phase 2 Funding

Through collaborations and the presentation of our completed designs for the app and primary visuals, C4C directors were able to secure the support needed to continue on to the development phase and eventual release of the application.